Bass Structures: the Mark of Sound

A collaborative body of work between artists Emmanuel Fritz and  Collin Schipper. They use sound to arrange paint into geometric and/or fractal-like patterns.  This happens in both the pigments and the 3-dimensional space that the paint occupies.  The patterns are subject to several factors.  The note/frequency that is pulsing through the system reacts uniquely to the types of materials used in the process. The chemical make up of the paint and surface, the shape of that surface, as well as environmental factors of temperature/humidity/etc… all have a part in the equation that makes the piece what it is.

Started as an observational exploration of the effects of sound on materials, this body of work is based on research surrounding cymatics. They have made the decision to keep a portion of our portfolio dedicated to this observation.  However, they have also begun to go beyond observing/recording the effect of a single note over time.  They create experimental music using frequency generated sounds, instrumental sculptures, and self programed synths; as well as collaborations with other musicians and sound artists, to observe what their sounds look like.


Send all event related inquiries to BassStructures[at]gmail[dot]com


We love, not only making the Bass Structures experience a phenomenal one, but also one that is meaningful to you. What does that mean?  We work with you to select the sound inspiration that is making the piece and the colors.

We are insured decorative artisans, able to work on almost any scale for installation.


The Artists

Emmanuel Fritz

Collin Schipper

Michael Lagerman

Caleb Anderson

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