We are honored to be part of the debut show of Spectacle Art Group, Nothing Is What It Seemsat Gallery 2622 in Wauwatosa. Spectacle uses technology to enhance visual art. For this show, Spectacle will use Augmented Reality, which allows an artist to overlay extra content on their artwork when scanned in a smart device.

We joined artists John Kowalczyk, Jeff Redmon, Anja Notanja Sieger, Dena Nord to create original pieces for the show. We worked closely with design agency Odvant Creative to create the Augmented Reality experiences. John Korom, the owner of Gallery 2622, generously donated the exhibition space.

Opening reception for the show is at Gallery 2622 on February 3, 2017 from 6pm to 9pm. The show is available to view by appointment through the rest of the month. For more information, visit www.spectacleartgroup.com

Here is what the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said about the show



Our piece inserted a video collection of clips from the creation of the pieces hung on the wall.

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