Weekly live art at Via Downer presented by Timothy Westbrook Studio

October 23rd – January 16th

The show begins with a series of Timothy’s weavings and empty frames.  During the following weeks. Week by week one apprentice will create live art to hang in the spaces occupied previously by an empty frame or weaving. In the final week, the work of artists collaborating with Timothy (Bass Structures) will occupy the wall that stayed empty. They will have a video of their performances at the reception to be held January 16th. During the reception a group of people will be wearing the clothing Timothy created out of Bass Structure’s “art waste.” Garments will primarily be vests and tailcoats in a turn of the 20th century style.

Like the facebook page for info as we go and bios on the artists.

Live Art Schedule

October 23rd Hailey Erato Live Painting
October 30th Tia Richardson Live Painting
November 6th Julia Levis Live Drawing
November 13th Stacy Dahl Live Painting
November 20th Timothy Westbrook Live Weaving
November 27th Emmanuel Fritz Live Painting
December 4th Jeff Redmon Live Painting
December 11th Timothy Westbrook Live Weaving
December 18th Alyssa Anderson Live Weaving
December 26th Marissa Waraksa
January 2nd Megan Linsmeier Live Drawing
January 9th Kayle Live Embroidery
January 13th Hailey Erato Live Drawing
January 14th Timothy Westbrook Live Weaving
January 15th Chee Thao Live Drawing
January 16th Unicorn’s Apprenti Reception 9:00pm-Midnight

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